Africa Investment Hub launched in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe's business community on Friday launched the Africa and Investment Hub, a vehicle to boost trade and investment in the country.

The African Trade and Investment Hub is an investment vehicle with representation in South Africa, Nigeria and the USA.

The Zimbabwe chapter launch hosted by Buy Zimbabwe was launched in Harare withe chief
executive officer of the investment hub Josey Mahachi calling on Zimbabwe to play an important
role in the integration of Africa’s economy.

“To overcome the vestige of being labelled a dark continent, Africa needs to integrate from the
front. If China with a population of 1,2 billion can build an economic power hub, Africa with a
population of 900 million can do the same,” she said.

“Zimbabwe has positioned itself for trade and investment by declaring that it is open for business.

This declaration has given birth to the African Investment Hub in Zimbabwe to facilitate trade and
investments for accelerated economic prosperity for all stakeholders.”

The Africa Investment Hub in Zimbabwe was created to identify investment opportunities in
Zimbabwe, to create strong linkages with global investors, to create an efficient ecosystem for the
benefit of stakeholders, to facilitate expeditious actualisation of identified investment opportunities and to contribute to national economic prosperity.

Speaking at the launch of the investment vehicle, Finance and Economic Development deputy
minister Terrence Mukupe said the Africa Investment Hub had identified Zimbabwe as a potential
investment destination hence the launch of the organisation in Zimbabwe.

“In collaboration with Buy Zimbabwe, the Africa Investment Hub collectively seeks to promote
economic development through the promotion and facilitation of stakeholder efforts by producing
goods and services for consumption locally and abroad, to rapidly create wealth and employment,”
Mukupe said.

The investment hub aims to increase internal and regional trade within Africa, expand trade and
economic ties among Africa and other global markets.

Mahachi made headlines in 2015 when she was responsible for bringing in Africa’s billionaire Aliko
Dangote to scout for possible investment opportunities in Zimbabwe. Dangote has interests in
cement manufacturing, energy, mining and agriculture.