Past events

The Pan-African Health Tourism Congress Business Opportunity Fair & Exhibition 2017

The Pan-African Health Tourism Congress 2017 will be the first of its kind targeted at not only South Africa, but the rest of the continent and will bring together experts from around the world who will give presentations linking medicine and tourism, and build a business case for the viability of the industry.
The Pan-African Health Tourism Congress 2017 is designed as the African Health Tourism Sector Flagship Event with the specific purpose of exploring a collective strategy that Africa can adopt in order to coordinate its efforts at maximizing its potential within the industry. 

Different African countries offer different opportunities along the health and tourism sectors and these can only be fully explored in a coordinated manner. The stated objective will be achieved by engaging industry thought leaders, practitioners, regulators, public sector officials, and international investors to shape the regional and industry agendas of the Health Tourism sector.

A coordinated approach to the industry will address some of the key challenges, which include:
A highly fragmented industry driven largely by non-health care practitioners.

The lack of coordinated and formalization of the industry, which can assist in educating the market, and appropriately marketing the opportunities provided by this industry.

Coordinating the seamless provision of services from the health to the tourism industry to give a seamless and stress free experience for visitors.

Addressing the ever pressing issue of immigration concerns especially with regards to visas.
Harness and coordinate other related services such as medical insurance.

Event details

Venue: Umfolozi Hotel Casino and Convention Resort, 2 Copper Dr, Empangeni, 3880, South Africa

Tel: +27 11 040 7351-4