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Seychelles leaflet

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Seychelles leaflet

Investors eye upcoming opportunities in Egypt valued at $173 billion for 2015

Investors both foreign and regional, have recently amped up... Read more

Egypt expects new African trade bloc in December

Three African economic blocs will merge into a new... Read more

Africa's Largest Free Trade Area to be Launched

The Tripartite Sectoral Committee of COMEA-EAC-SADC Ministers meeting in... Read more

FDI in Africa to expand into agriculture and manufacture

Africa will see increasing investments in agriculture and manufacturing... Read more

Africa forges ahead with ICT infrastructure investments

African countries such as Kenya, Ghana, Rwanda, Tanzania, South... Read more

COMESA accelerates implementation of investment tracking tools

The Common Market for Eastern and Southern African (COMESA)... Read more

Africa is still the "Go To" place for hotel investors

“Africa remains the ‘go to’ place in the world,... Read more

Australia Begin to Implement Mining Agreement

COMESA and the Government of the State of Western... Read more

LeapFrog raises $400 million for social impact investments in Asia and Africa

LeapFrog Investments, a private equity firm backed by George... Read more

African investment in the spotlight in Perth

Shadow Minister for Resources Gary Gray has spoken at... Read more

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